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Manfred Schulz


All began with our school-band, with our first public concert when I was 13 years old. The next band was Zodiac a rockband with some school-band members. Later I made the first experiences in country music playing in American Clubs with the Jimmy Stewart band. A very different style I learned with the Klaus Braun Jazz-Trio.

Playing with “Moritz and the horny horns” at the Montreux Jazz-Festival and the Belfort Music-Festival helped me to improve my play in that style.

A further highlight and new experience was playing at the Karlsruhe Staatstheater for one year in the musical “Black Rider”.

Some TV-shows followed accompaning different artists in the “German Hitparade”.

As a studio drummer I worked with Frank Bornemann in Hannover (member of the Band Eloy) and with Edo Zanki and the band “Zipp” and some others (see my discografie)

Performances with numerous Coverbands brought me to Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Dubai. And often I was hired by other bands, for example Sibylle Laux Band, Robert Ahl und Band. That helped me to improve my skill in all music styles.

At the moment I’m a member of the Steven Bailey Band.

In October 2009 I had my first performance with the Marla Glen Band in Lucerne, Switzerland, which was followed by an excellent concert in Bad Kissingen during their special event weeks “Bad Kissinger Winterzauber”


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